An Egyptian Visual Artist based in the UK. A mixed-media social documentarian and educator, Abdullrhman’s work focuses on people,
communities and their personal stories. Abdullrhman has worked with advertising agencies, television, and NGOs.
Abdullrhman also delivers free digital media and post-production workshops and tutorials online, to help those without access to formal education improve their portfolios and skillsets.
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📷 Calling for Diversity: Help Tell Beautiful Stories! ✉️

We're working on an exciting photography project and need your help! If you or someone you know in St. Helens is part of a diverse partnership, couple, or family, we want to hear from you.
🌍 Represent different ethnicities, nationalities, or skin colors? 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Adopted children from different backgrounds?

We're emphasizing the visual side, so your diversity matters!
Connect with us at +447389818002 or Email a6dullrhman@gmail.com to be part of something beautiful.
Thank you for your support!
- PEOPLE OF ST HELENS : features in the 'We reside* here' exhibition at St Mary's market
St Helens until 20th December.

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Thank you! شكرا